What do you mean by slow malfunctioning computer?
A stand-alone slow malfunctioning computer with pop ups are caused more likely by trojan horses or virus over killing the CPU, thus slowing start ups or when writing an email or a Word letter or browsing and is therefore software related and not hardware.

What is 2stroke?
2stroked PC or laptops, see also an overview fixes the above using Symantec Ghost and with only 2 keystrokes and no technical nohow restores your system preserving your data under 15 minutes average time for a basic build i.e. XP or Vista or Windows 7 with MS office suite, watch a 3 minute 'CLIENT' 2stroke demo.

What is CLIENT and how to restore my pc?
CLIENT is your personalised USB restore stick prepared by me.

Boot from 2stroke CLIENT, pick your choice from the Main Screen, the 's' or 'd' key and with 2 keystrokes your computer will be restored to 'default'.

Choosing the 's' key option will restore/fix your system and the 'd' key will wipe your data. The 'd' key option is rarely chosen, only when you no longer need your data e.g. when selling your computer, as it blanks your 'My Documents' folders or technically the data partition; 2stroked computers are configured with three main partitions, ntfs-system, ntfs-data and a fat32-restore images volume.

'Default' is the microsoft system and applications preloaded and finally imaged, a 'clean install', e.g., XP or Vista or Windows 7 with Office 2003/2007/2010 or 2003/8 Server, printer drivers, Adobe Reader, Flash player, Shockwave, Java, service packs, updates, etc.